The Titan's grave Post jam and Android build

Well it has been some time since Ludum Dare.

The game ended up being one of the games with the highest number of ratings and came #339th overall in the jam.

So the post jam build has been released and fixes some of these issues :

  •    Player doesn't move backwards while dodging to the sides anymore
  •    The window for dodging in the first phase of the fight has been increased by a small amount

By and large though, it's the same game as the jam.

What will become of it ? I'll definitely use this base for other games, maybe bigger ones or for small jam games. ( eg : )

The Web build has been removed though ( I'm sorry......... ). It had a lot of issues and was too slow either way.

On the bright side, the post jam build is now on Android :)

Any feedback on it's controls or the game in general is welcome :)

Thank you for playing my games and for reading this :).

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The Titan's grave (Post jam build).zip 19 MB
Nov 01, 2020
The Titan's grave.apk 26 MB
Nov 01, 2020

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