DodgeSaw is a 3D-ish dodgeball bullet hell which rewards you for being risky.

Made for the Discroomgamejam


Arrow keys : movement

C : Throw a disc

X : Dodge roll  ( You are invulnerable to discs while rolling )

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PlatformsWindows, Android, HTML5
Rated 4.2 out of 5 stars
(25 total ratings)
AuthorBad Piggy
Made withUnity
Tags2D, 3D, Boss battle, Bullet Hell, dodgeball, Pixel Art, Shoot 'Em Up


DodgeSaw(PC) (UPDATED).zip 19 MB
DodgeSaw.apk 26 MB

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Do you still develop games for itch anymore?

If you're asking whether I still make games, I've posted many games after this one lol


great game


Me encanta tus juegos y mas por que son ligeros para mi laptop <3


this game is amazing, but how i can play with wasd?

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It's supposed to be played with arrow keys only and X and C tbh. It works with WASD but it's not supposed to XD


I just met you as a developer and I really love your games because they have something that makes you say "I'm going to play it again" and that's amazing.

Thank you man . Really glad you like them :)


This is hilarious!

Thanks for playing :)


I really like the game! controls are a bit off though if you use WASD.

Thanks for playing none the less :)




Very good make a game like this but the theme is food fight.

This sounds great. I'll keep it in mind :)


Yes I am already exicted


you should roll with z and throw with x

this one change kept tripping me up and got me killed many a time when I tried to dodge, but ended up throwing a saw. maybe you could add a setting to switch x and z?


I suppose XD. If I make another build of the game. Thank you for trying it though :)


It's very fun, the difficulty ramps up in a steady way with the permanent saws bouncing around, the guy feels good to control, it's just that one z/x thing

Very fun game. Perspective and pixel art reminds me of

Thanks for playing man. Owch was a big inspiration for me and my new style 馃檪


Good risk/reward mechanics, although I wish the enemies gave you a little breather after you died.

thanks for playing man :). I'll keep that in mind if I update the game


Very fun! I think all your small games would actually make for a really cool big game since they all share the same retro 2.5 vibe.  I love seeing how these all progress

Thanks a lot man :)


Heck yeah! So, making another 2D-3D game.  I like the style


I wasn't able to participate, but I found you again since the Ludum. You got my follow.

Thanks for playing dude :). I love this style a lot so I'm mostly experimenting with it until I find something which will really click XD