(NOTE:   Webgl version may have problems. Please try the windows version if possible )

Press R to reload the level

Press Y to invert Y-axis at any time

Press M to mute the game

Press 1 and 2 a few times to decrease and increase mouse sensitivity

Esc to pause

Supports both WASD and ZQSD

Gameplay Controls are explained in-game

" A First person paddle ball-er "

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Made in under 2 days for GMTK  2021 where the theme was " joined together "

PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
AuthorBad Piggy
GenreAction, Sports
Made withUnity
Tags2D, 3D, Arcade, Bullet Hell, FPS, Pixel Art


Paddleground (PC).zip 19 MB


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This game is so fun, but hard at the same time.


I love your games! Hug from Brazil! :>

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Cool! I think this concept would work really well as a VR game 😄


Great game but one time i played the ball some detached itself which somehow created two balls.  i was clicking pretty fast and i dont know how i did it and i was also playing it on the browser


Noted for later. Thanks for telling me :)

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Good looking game. Nice idea.

Intended to be helpful and not critical: This is not a 1-bit game (1 bit games have 2 colours and this has at least five). You might want to recycle that tag for something else that more accurately captures your game, like "sports", for example. 

Hmm, I guess I will then


is 25 the world record?

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I think it's 90-ish lol


you literally never miss my guy


Is that a pun wrt this game ? XD

Also, that's quite a lot of praise either way. Thank you :)


it was a pun ;)


AMAZING!!! My highest was 15.


Amazing idea and amazing execution!


Really cool idea , love the concept and great execution.


Very fun game. My best combo is 40


Skill cap on this is kinda crazy. Difficult in the beginning, but you slowly get the hang of it. Love it.


Very cool concept and well executed!


Fun game, by best is 20.


awesome concept, for a gamejam game, its  really cool!

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Fun, challenging, trying to string it all together


really addicting


very fun but add something like slowmode when the ball is near the paddl;e board


This is great! Really original, easy to learn, and hard to master!