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Small arcadey horror game where you try to get a light in a library

Bookmarks are used to show the number of times you can flash a book at a monster

Every time you step into light, your bookmarks are replenished

Your final score is the number of lights you've stepped into

Survive as long as you can .....

Controls :

WASD / ZQSD = Movement

Hold left mouse button = Hold book up

R = Restart game

Y = Invert Y - axis

Originally made in roughly 3-4 days for E1M1 magazine's 2nd game jam and then later added to 7DFPS

PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars
(25 total ratings)
AuthorBad Piggy
Made withUnity
Tags1-bit, Arcade, FPS, Horror, Pixel Art, Score Attack, Survival Horror


Lightbrary (PC).zip 19 MB


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cool game yo


This is a great concept on paper but in practice, the monster mechanic is a little underdeveloped, frustrating, and confusing. Love following the lamp light through a dark library though.


rlly good game but sometime the enemies will just spawn right on top of you or next to you other than that 9/10 bookmarks.



wow score 52 very good game i will try to get another score 


fun and cool design

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hey man this is a great game and i would really like to see more horror games like this one in the future!


ayo whats he doin to me in the game over???


Basically this


Hello Developper.

Is it possible to make an android version out of this game, i really want to play this on my Android device :)


Interesting concept. I did run into the problem of enemies spawning right ontop of you.


22 is my highest score!


Hey Piggy I'm interested on How do you do the pixel effect?, its all full pixel sprites or you're using a specific shader  ? or you play with the camera scale resolution? 

grat game btw :)


Hey thanks. The camera just renders at a lower resolution is all. The shaky effect when an enemy is close is because the camera vibrates about its' local position. No shader work here lol


Cool aesthetic.  Neat concept, too.


I jut huggd the walls so that I can only get killed by 3 directions still died cuz I took to long te get them bookmarks (it was spooky doe)


Idea : 10/10

Execution : 9/10

Awesome game, i recommend it!


This is some seriously impressive game loop. Eerie and hella' playable!

Thanks for playing :)


that was fun :)


good game :)

Thanks for playing and making the video :)

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Pretty cool. I always would see the creepy smile on the book and whip my mouse around going like where is it?! Then I would die because I forgot to look behind me like a stereotypical horror character.

lol same


ohh boy, this game stresses the hell out of me ! xD
But super awesome concept, love it 


Cool concept! This could definitely be expanded further


I scored 67

lol my best is twelve


This is so good! The monster's unexpected appearance always scares me!

My highest score is 39!

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Thanks for playing and for making the video man :). Love the way you've coloured the thumbnail as well. Kinda given me an idea or two to colour in the eyes of the book

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Such a cool game! I got jump scared so many times. 😅

Didn't run into any bugs with the WebGL version, so I'm probably lucky.

(My highest score was 3 😭)

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nice game

Thanks for playing :). I noticed there were a few bugs in your playthrough, I'm guessing you played the webgl version ? Apologies but webgl has issues I can't really solve. Either way though, thanks for playing :)

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yes i have play version webgl :D


Fun little game! A simple concept, that works really well. I dig the artstyle, and the idea of not seeing the monsters but hearing them closing in is quite fun.

Congrats! I got to score 17 points in my best run before 4 of them attacked me at once, leaving me to back off... Into another one from behind ^^

Thanks for playing :). Glad you liked it


I think this is a really neat idea and it definitely nails the spookyness. Hearing the enemy sound and not being able to see it what actually kinda terrifying. Also the STYLE! WOW I love how your 3D style is evolving. 10/10 style points. I had two problems. One was the the book seems to just not work sometimes. Maybe the range it works at is a lot smaller than it seems but a bunch of times I felt cheated when the book missed the ghosts. The other was just that I found that I got the best results by just running and ignoring any ghosts that weren't right in front of me. being able to win by ignoring the main mechanic is means I made it boring for myself. my problems were pretty minor but if you fix them I think this game is nearly perfect

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Thanks for playing :). Apologies for any issues you faced and as for ignoring the enemies, it works early on but later on they kinda swarm you and you pretty much have to use the book once in a while. At the very least it ensures that you're always on the move though I suppose I could have made enemies more relentless tbh. Still though, thanks for playing and for the feedback :)


(no PC so played the browser version)

Cool! Original concept and setting, and pretty addictive gameplay.

Saw this in the post-jam discord so thought I'd give unsolicited feedback as no one signed up for my review-swap round lol.

2D sprites for the monsters is cool, but imo it might've suited better for them to be closer in fidelity to the environment and player, rather than enlarged super low resolution.

With the audio I know it's a horror game but maybe the sfx were a little *too* harsh? I had to turn down my volume a whole lot. But I can imagine less overdriven sounds working really well. It was all mono though so hard to tell where enemies were, not sure if that was intentional. 

I don't mean to be too critical. Overall great style and originality. I'll check out your other games at some point! Take a look at 'Fear the Void' if you like and/or delete this comment ha. Good game.

Thanks for playing :). Apologies for the SFX lol. As for the music being mono, that was intentional actually. I was hoping it would generate some tension lol.

Either way though, thank you for playing :)