Eggsplosion is an infinite score chaser

Collect grain for points....

Lay explosive eggs to reset the timer above or you will explode....

Like what you see ?  ;)

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Controls ( PC and Web ) :

- Arrow keys to move

- Space to lay an egg

Controls ( Android ):

- Move your finger on the screen to move the chicken

- Tap the screen to lay an egg

PlatformsWindows, Android, HTML5
Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars
(6 total ratings)
AuthorBad Piggy
GenreAction, Puzzle
Made withUnity
Tags2D, 3D, Arcade, Casual, Chicken, Pixel Art, Score Attack


Eggsplosion (PC).zip 18 MB
Eggsplosion.apk 25 MB


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All I'm wondering is wtf is in that food


I feel like this could turn into a spleef local multiplayer game


Nice. My top score was 32.

Might I suggest rewarding the player with some sort of visual depiction of progress such as changing the color of the map after every score of 10.

I suppose something of that sort could be done if I come back to this XD

Very engaging mechanics! I lost interest after a few rounds, so work on a level system or items or something else to reward the player! Great gameplay though, I started immediately to figure out some strategies to live as long as possible!


Thanks for trying it :)

It was mainly just supposed to be a small flappy-birdy arcade game to test this kind of perspective. Don't know if I'll add more to it though lol.

Thanks for playing either way 


I really love this concept. great work!


Thanks :)


This is kinda cool! 


thanks :)