Bullet cove is a Fishing  x  Bullet-hell game made in under 2 days for Mix and game jam 2020

   ( The game is basically unfinished and one wave becomes infinite after a while )

Controls : 

Arrow keys   /   WASD    :     move

X  /  K    :     Catch a fish

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PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(8 total ratings)
AuthorBad Piggy
Made withUnity
Tags2D, 3D, Arcade, Bullet Hell, Fishing, Pixel Art, Tower Defense


Bullet Cove 19 MB


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You make great games!


Thank you lol


really fun!


my highscore was 67

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ok so two things

1. i noticed that the fish always spawn going in the same direction you are facing, except for one fish that spawns in the top middle and always faces right.

2. if you take more damage than you have health,( i.e. taking 3 bullets with 1 health left) you go into the negatives. funny thing is, the games code makes it so you only get a game over if you reach 0 health, and it doesn't account for anything below that. so you can lock yourself into an endless game. 

i would also like it better if it was top down, that would make it so much easier to concieve what's happening. 

i do like it tho, it is a good concept. i just wanted to point out these things in the code so you could possibly fix them. 

edit: after like 2 more seconds of playing i realized that there are three fixed spawn locations and 2 are facing left and 1 is facing right. 

Thanks for playing this :). I made this in less than two days so there is quite a lot wrong with it XD


Your games are the greatest dude.

Lol. Thanks :)


great game! holding 'k' got a bit tiring, and the music could be better. but a solid a idea with a great execution!

Thanks for playing man :). Damn, that's the new WR for the game btw XD


Great game! The idea is really creative and simply brilliant (loved your Ludum Dare 47 entry too). The bright colours in the art are a bit too much for me (when selecting colours, switch from RGB to HSV and turn down S) and the music is a bit annoying, but I respect that we didn't have much time for that sort of thing. Good job!

Thanks for playing man :). I'll keep the tip about colour in mind for my next game :)


This is so fun to play, I learned something from this, thanks!

Thanks for trying it out :)


Very cool game, very cool art, very cool everything 

Thanks man :)


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thanks :)


Good difficulty curve! Visuals are great! Great game idea! 10/10

Thanks for playing man :)

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sooo much fun dude! I love the idea of being able to choose where the enemies stay throughout the wave. It looks way harder than it is and after you figure it out its rather easy but I understand balancing is hard in a jam. Great job! (My high score was 180) 


Damn, that's probably the WR for now XD. Thanks for playing man :)


try number two 


Try number three 


ok last one here's try number four 


Gameplay is amazing same as graphic style

Thanks man 🙂


I like it! Highscore 40 then it gets super super hard :D

Thanks for playing :)

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Glad you do :)