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I won with 719


I like the enemies - basically one for each direction you can be hurt from - a good complete set. I agree with swoopie's idea of arrow keys for most comfortable single hand experience, but appreciate you wanting to experiment with 2 keys.

I'm sure that there are other ways 2 keys can be implemented with less friction, though, like maybe replace [gnd-Jump / air-Attack / air-Slow-fall] and [Turn] keys with [gnd-Jump / air-Turn] and [Attack / air-Fast-fall] keys. Maybe make slow-fall the default gravity (to make attack immediate) and automatically turn when you hit a wall. Just an idea - hard to say without having tried it, though.

Good to see you're still at it~

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Thanks for the feedback. I guess I could try a different control layout if I come back to this since that's pretty much everyone's main gripe lol. Thank you for playing :)


Just a minute or so in, like the game and the concept, still have to get better at it, but, as always, the controls make it needlessly difficult for me. Why not use the arrow keys for changing direction and use up and down for jumping and attack downwards? That way you can focus on getting better at the game instead of being confused with the buttons.


There isn't really much I can say to answer this apart from the fact that I just wanted to make an arcade game which used only two buttons lol


You could've said something like "Right, I can switch to using four buttons" ;-) But fair enough, in the end it's up to you. With two buttons I would still opt for using less confusing keys. But that's my personal challenge, not a problem in the game I guess.

heres an idea. both left and right jump, but if you press the button that is the opposite direction it turns too.


This is a lot of fun! I love how thoughtfully you've designed the different enemies in consideration of the main gameplay mechanic, really good stuff:)


this makes me angry, its good. gonna continue to fuel my rage until i win.


Found a bug, or just a thing you didn't notice

The game over text is impossible to read because it's the exact same color as the background

This only happens on fullscreen. When I'm not on fullscreen, the layout of the GUI is okay

Try messing around with anchors in Unity, it will probably fix the problem

I'm sorry but not sure what you mean ? Is this in the web or windows version because neither version has this problem

Oh sorry, I forgot you always upload 2 versions 😅

I'm talking about the WebGL version. I'm using Google Chrome (if that has anything to do with it)

i also forgot to mention more details

The game over text is aligned to the center of the screen, horizontally and vertically. But when I'm not in fullscreen, it's aligned to the top of the screen, and is readable.


I just re-opened the code for the game and saw that I did not anchor that text lol. I'll note it for the next update ( if at all I do one lol )


omg i've been waiting a long time for a new game!!


super hard but satisfying. Pretty amazing