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Looks clean as fuck


managed to beat it deathless


missed opportunity to call it a bird-em-up


Fun little game.


i'll beat everyone of the new games you  release


Very good


Your my favorite creator! All your games are awesome


That's a lot of praise lol. Thank you for playing my games :)


No problem


Great game!  The music was a bit obnoxious but the movement and combat felt great.  Good job

add knockback 

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Super fun! I like how the transition to bird form feels, and how it makes you much faster. I hate the controls, the button choices don't work well for big hands. A cool update would be being able to us the mouse and attack in the direction of the mouse instead of the direction I'm facing. It's very clunky to have to press the direction I want to attack before attacking. The music is pretty bad, but the visuals are awesome.

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Nice concept ! Controls are a bit akward thought and I would say you stamina do not recharge quick enough so a few time I found flying around waiting for it to recover for a while.

I would personally increase the pace a bit, I feel this can be a very fun game.

Stamina when in wizard form is supposed to be slow so that you have to go into bird form and change position. Thanks for playing 

Ho I see, I didn't catch this actually, this needs another playthrought ;).

Thanks for making

Awesome game!